The WhiteFlowers Campaign Aims

The WhiteFlowers Campaign's main aim and objective is to inform, educate and campaign for the rights of victims of sexual Abuse.

As an organisation we aim to bring a co-ordinated response to the upcoming Public Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and to facilitate the input of survivors to the Inquiry. 

We are calling for a national institute to provide a continuous and consistent support service for survivors and others affected by childhood sexual abuse.

SOIA - Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse

SOIA is a group of survivor activists formed from within the WhiteFlowers Campaign. WhiteFlowers has fought hard to demand that the Government should establish an effective investigation of organised and institutional abuse perpetrated over decades by those within the ranks of the Establishment itself and which has been obscured, suppressed and/or facilitated. WhiteFlowers is a ‘broad church’ and does not claim to represent survivors but supports their demand for a public voice and justice through its activities. The current protection of children from organised and institutional abuse is central to its purpose.

SOIA seeks justice, full redress and support for survivors. It is crucial that child abusers within the Establishment and those who have covered up for their crimes are brought to justice. Since successive governments have obstructed the investigation of such crimes in its ranks, it is the view of SOIA that a review of arrangements for child protection, is a dangerous diversion from seeking the truth about child abuse by those in power. SOIA therefore shares the deep concern expressed by many other survivors that the Inquiry as constituted is not fit for purpose. It does not believe the Inquiry, as it stands, will or can address survivors’ demands to expose the involvement and actions of those whom the Establishment has shielded from public scrutiny and prosecution for their crimes.  Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse  also contest the decision of the Inquiry chair to exclude survivors from its panel which has now been populated, with the exception of Professor Jay, by safe pairs of establishment hands. It is deeply concerned that survivors, far from being centrally involved in the Inquiry’s investigations, are now relegated to a toothless advisory status. It challenges the absurdly wide remit of the Inquiry and its refocus away from Government suppression, involvement and facilitation of child abuse within its own house, redirecting it to the failures of statutory child protection agencies.

SOIA seeks to represent survivors and ensure that the Inquiry meets the needs of survivors. It has secured representation from Michael Mansfield Chambers and Public Interest Lawyers to enable presentation of its views and to become a core participant of the Inquiry.

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