My name is Simon Danczuk, I am Rochdale’s Member of Parliament. I would like to say how pleased I am that everybody has come together here today. Can I thank you for coming together like this. I think more of this sort of action that we take over the next twelve months is really important.

simon-danczukOver the last twelve months I do believe that we’ve had some real successes which we should celebrate. All the political parties now accept that Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse is something that should be legislated for. We now have to get that turned into action and into legislation. We’ve also been successful over the last twelve months in terms of convincing the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to instigate this overarching inquiry into Child Abuse. Again another success, but it still requires more action. But what we need more than anything else, in my opinion, is successful prosecution of the people who perpetrated the abuse.

So let’s work together over the next twelve months, starting today at this meeting, starting today from here, to make sure we get Mandatory Reporting. That we get a successful Inquiry.  But also that we get prosecutions of those people whose raped and abused children.

Thank you very much indeed.