SARAH CHAMPION MP – message from the WhiteFlowers Vigil

Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Sarah Champion and I am the MP for Rotherham. There is only one thing I want to say, and that is I am sorry. I am sorry that this happened to you. I am sorry that you weren’t heard. And I am really really sorry that the perpetrators are still out there. And I can guarantee to you that the colleagues [points to MPs standing beside her at the Vigil], and I want the colleagues over there [points towards Houses of Parliament], are listening to you now. And if they’re not [those in Houses of Parliament] my colleagues here are, and we will make a difference for you.

sarah champion mp white flowers vigilOn that note, I would like to have one minute of silence please for those that are here and those that are not.

[Everyone silently pays their respects]

Now can I say that you have been silenced for too long, and today we are going to hear your voices.