Pauline A. Clare (England’s First Female Chief Constable)

I’m sorry I’m not available to attend the public meeting at the House of Commons on the 14th January 2015 – though I would like to say that I support the intentions of that meeting (the 7 listed issues).

The sexual abuse of children has impacted on the lives of so many young and vulnerable people and has wrecked the lives of many others. It is time the truth is established about what has happened in the past and that offenders are identified and brought to justice for their crimes.

they threw us away_ but didn't realize we were seedsIt is also important that this is done in a timely manner and in a way that give confidence to victims and survivors that they have been heard. And finally that measures are put in place to protect vulnerable young people in the future.

Pauline A. CLARE
Former Chief Constable of the Lancashire Constabulary (1995-2002)
9th January 2015