The MPs that are here today, and there are a number and we have something to say, our role is to support those who’ve spoken out, those who are campaigning, and this is our meeting and we have booked the rooms because I think there is an appropriateness and a poignancy that the meetings take place in parliament, so we are here to support you, to encourage you, to speak with one voice, so that we can see truth come out and we can see action, and in the discussions preparing it we did all feel it was appropriate we give a small part of the day to think and remember those who can’t be with us, and that is the point of this small, somewhat appropriately silence ceremony, so i would like to thank everyone who’s come, i think we will have a successful day, defined as getting organized, so that the truth comes out and so that there is real and effective action, so thank you all very much for coming.

John Mann MP (WhiteFlowers Vigil) itvnews