Peter McKelvie’s Message to the White Flowers Vigil, 4th October 2014

Peter McKelvie’s Message (read by Brian Douieb):

Video stream of the vigil here

I am Brian and one of the people organizing the event. I’ve got a message here from Peter McKelvie. For those of you who do not know, he was a Child Protection Manager in Hereford & Worstershire, and was involved with Liz Davies and with me from another authority trying to investigate networks of abuse that involved Peter Righton. Peter McKelvie’s team and the investigation he was involved with was shut down by the Social Services Department and by the Police. So he couldn’t progress the situation. But he later took the information to Tom Watson MP and it was that information that sparked off the Prime Ministers Questions and has led to the whole debate about a National Inquiry and the setting up of a National Inquiry.

chicksin hair(1)I am going to read this message from Peter McKevie:

I very much regret not being at today’s vigil. I would have liked to have paid my respects to all the children who never made it to adulthood and give my support to all the survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Islington, who suffered at the hands of those who should have been protecting them while they were in Local Authority Care.

I would like to pay tribute to the Social Workers in the early 1990s who tried everything they could to expose the full horror and extent of abuse throughout Islington’s entire Residential Children’s Homes network.

I still hold out hope that the survivors of this abuse will get justice and that the perpetrators who have never been investigated will be pursued this time around.

A full and truly independent inquiry is needed in Islington alone. It is obvious that senior managers and councillors were fully and properly informed of the allegations and it is equally obvious that many of them chose not to believe them or for a number of reasons tried to block the disclosure of what was really happening to the most vulnerable children in the borough.

It is now becoming obvious that alongside the abuse of children in the care of Islington Council, Islington itself as an area had from the late 60s onwards and right through the 70s and late 80s and early 90s had become the epicenter of one of the most sinister, powerful and well-connected pedophile networks that this country has ever seen, the Pedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E.).

Many leading figures from P.I.E. based themselves in Islington at one time or another and used their connections to not only infiltrate and abuse within Children’s Homes, but also many children in the local community.

I trust that this is just the beginning of the fight for justice for Islington Survivors. They must not be denied in the way they were during the previous inquiry that is The White Report, now recognized by many as The White-Wash Report. Survivors must not tolerate another Whitewash.