Message from Dr Liz Davies to the White Flowers Vigil, 15th September 2014

Dr Liz Davies (Whistleblower, Islington):

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As I was sorting through the flowers this morning, I was thinking about all the white flowers we would need for all the children who have been murdered, tortured, sexually abused, abducted; many gone missing, never to be seen again.

I have chosen just a few for today’s vigil, because there wouldn’t be enough flowers for all those children that we know about. How many covers up. How many were investigated.

One is Martin Allen, from 1979.

Elm Guset House, Rocks Road (Peter McKelvie and Liz Davies)I also chose Tony McGrane. He was slaughtered, literally slaughtered in a garage in Islington in the late 1980s. The police said at the time of his murder, they couldn’t tell if he was a girl or a boy, he was so mutilated. A friend of Tony’s, who he had been playing bikes with in the afternoon, got convicted of manslaughter. And I am very worried about that. It doesn’t quite fit the picture.

I got some of the press cuttings and found that the police were relating Tony’s murder to that of many others at the time. Tony was in the same children’s assessment center in Islington as Jason Swift. It was called Conement Street Assessment Center.

How many more things do we need associated with that Assessment Center before somebody investigates what went on there, and who worked there and who is still working with children today. How many more police do we have to tell. How many more journalists do we have to tell. How many more politicians do we have to tell. Before someone will listen and actually to that one fact, and there are many many more.

So there was only one year between Tony McGrane’s murder and Jason Swift’s murder.

In the late 1980s when I was working in Islington, I heard whispers in dark corners and people would say “we know what you are doing to expose the abuse. didn’t you know that there is a history of children being murdered in Islington who were known to social services.” And I didn’t know.

I have lots of notes and little bits of information. It is only now with social media and with all of you helping us now that we have got more of the history. We still haven’t got the coroners reports. We have got some police records. But basically so much work needs to be done just about Jason.

Of course, they called him a ‘rent boy;’ as though it was his fault! “Rent-boy,” is an horrendous term.

And I found a very old recording of the mother and the uncle saying he was lovely boy, he was just 13 years old and they are saying he’s a ‘rent-boy.’

The other child’s photo is Vivian Locking, who was another whisper I heard at the time. She was only 17 and her body was found decomposed in a cupboard at the bottom of a block of flats in Islington. And that block of flats was in the exact area where Geoffrey Dickens MP had been hearing from people on the Estate about what he called “child-brothels.” Today we wouldn’t use that term. He said people were saying they could hear children screaming; as young as the age of 6 years old. He reported it and he got treated very very badly, and Jermy Corbyntold him to get off his patch and all the rest of it. So he wasn’t heard but this murder validates some of what he was saying at the time.

Now we know all the dossiers Dickens presented to the Home Office have all gone missing.

Where is the energy today for people to start talking again to people on the Estates who remember. This is the problem. It’s got to be grass-roots action to trace the history of some of these cases. Then we can present it; here’s the file, we’ve done the work, this is what happened and we want an investigation and it can’t be argued with.

So those are just two of the many many children’s stories I could have presented with White Flowers today.

This week end in the Sunday Times we had Margaret Hodge speaking about us bringing up the whole issue again and her standing for Mayor of London… She said in this article that professionals misled her…

I did tell her what was happening. I can tell you all now categorically and it is well documented. I told her in person. I reported to her, so she was told. Now some professionals, may be at a higher level than I was, may said that nothing was going on and that it has all been made up and exaggerated and so on.

I did an Open Letter to her. I said, if you had been misled who were the professionals that misled you, where are they working today, did you report them to the police, have you reported them to their regulatory bodies. Because those people should not be working with children now. Full Stop.

I know who they are. I know where they are. I know what they are doing now. I am sure other people can work that out as well. So she can’t do that to us now.

She talked about Demetrious Panton getting 30,000 pounds or something; all that money, some was paid to his lawyer and some was made as a payment to NACRO because he said those are the children he was in care with in Islington who are in prison. But in the article it made him look as though he had made money out of all this. It is just horrendous.

So we have had nothing but lies, lies and more lies on every aspect of this subject.

And you can say, what can we do. How long do we go on and on and on, fighting, fighting, fighting. Well. We are going to carry on. And we get weary and we get tired, but there are lots of new people coming forward with new skills and they are working with us. And I just say thank you to every one of you, because we need every one of you.

We need all the help we can get. It’s been a long, isolating and lonely road for some of us up until now.

I want to say that there are absolutely some things we won’t tolerate.

We won’t tolerate political expediency; for people to use this issue and the pain of survivors to get themselves higher up on some political ladder pre-election.

We won’t tolerate a sham of the National Inquiry. It’s a complete sham at the moment. I don’t know what game they are playing choosing these two people to Chair this Inquiry, but it seems like delaying tactics prior to the election, hoping the issue with vanish.

We won’t tolerate the profit of the global industry of child abuse, which is what this is all about.

In Islington it was about big networks of people. I didn’t know in the 1990s quite what I was in the middle of; I only saw a snapshot. And now with all the research and information coming forward I now that right by my office was the actual center of the Pedophile Information Exchange. Right across the road where people involved in it.

I have got little notes about children being taken to this and that house and now I am finding out who lived in those houses. One of them since (in 2000) has been convicted of hundreds of crimes against children. If they had listened to me 1992…  I am realizing today how incredibly vast and powerful the whole thing was, and still is. People made a lot of money out of it.

We won’t tolerate people who go on social media with the deliberate intention of misinforming people and misdirecting. Those working so hard to get the truth out and to get justice. We are getting to know who those people are; with false identities, pretending to be survivors. So we need help to expose those people and to get them off, because it is really wrecking aspects of some of the work we are doing. We absolutely can’t allow that to happen.

The other thing we cannot tolerate at all is the demise of our Child Protection System. Some of you may not know the extent to which, since the mid-90s, when Peter McKelvie and I were busy exposing the abuse right to the top level, and I think we got too close and they started destroying all the systems that we knew worked really well to investigate the abuse. So this stopped Social Workers working closely with the police. Teams like the ones Peter and i worked in were closed down.

And now, as of last year [2013], the new guidance for Social Workers, Police, Teachers, Health Workers, eliminated the word ‘ORGANIZED’ abuse and eliminated all the guidance about how to investigate it. And may be some of you may not realize that is very very important this should be raised with all your MPs; they got rid of all of the systems for Police and Social Workers to jointly investigate ORGANIZED CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN.

This has to be the beginning of White Flowers Vigils. I think it is a fantastic idea; a way to bring people who are genuine together. And the next one will be held in Islington [Oct 2014].