The WhiteFlowers Campaign has grown from the many voices calling for action and justice.

The WhiteFlowers Campaign Vigils are held in places where children and vulnerable people were exploited, abused, tortured, neglected and murdered in the context of Institutional and Organised Child Sexual Abuse.

The Campaign is inspired by the actions of ordinary people in Belgium, 300,000 of whom marched through the streets of Brussels carrying white flowers on 27 October 1996 to remember children who were abducted, abused and murdered by a paedophile ring involving members of the Belgian establishment.



  • To be an alliance of abuse survivors, whisteblowers, academics, counsellors, family and activists who will challenge the establishment's collusion with sexual abuse, exploitation and violence
  • To hold accountable all parts of the governments Public Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse, and speak out in the public interest in support of the interests of survivors, victims and whistleblowers of abuse
  • To signpost survivors and victims to counselling and care organisations which can look after them and offer therapy
  • To be a major national media portal for this huge Abuse Inquiry

Press Release: Sam Stein’s Role in Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse


"Today the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse [IICSA] has announced that Forde Park Approved School and Nottingham Care Homes will form modules for the Public Inquiry.  See more here


  • To hold campaign meetings in Parliament and Lincoln's Inn and elsewhere to bring together survivors, whistleblowers and legal supporters to hold the Public Inquiry to account
  • To undertake various campaigning actions
  • To document testimonies and personal stories of abuse
  • To generate videos and podcasts offering advice

Parliamentary Rally 23 June 2015

logoChild Abuse Inquiry: Action and Justice Now! Rally
WhiteFlowers Campaign, Tuesday, 23 June 2015, 13:00 to 17:00, House of Commons. See more here

WhiteFlowers Vigils
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See some of the speeches and images from the three WhiteFlowers Vigils that have happened so far here.

Judicial Review of the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 08.01.46The Chambers of Michael Mansfield QC supports the Survivors' two grounds of judicial review. Read more here.

In 1996, more than a quarter of a million Belgians marched in the streets of Brussels to protest at the Dutroux paedophile scandal. It was the largest demonstration that the country had ever seen.

The 250,000 strong demonstration was organised by the families of the victims. It became known as the "white march" because the protestors either wore white, or carried white balloons, flowers and crosses in memory of the dead or missing children.


BELGIUM. Brussels. 20/10/1996: The White March gathering over 300000 people in support of the families victim of a paedophile.